Cruise the World while Making Money and Building your Freedom (interview Sigrun Show) - Jeanet Bathoorn - VrijheidsOndernemer®
Jeanet Bathoorn – VrijheidsOndernemer®
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Cruise the World while Making Money and Building your Freedom (interview Sigrun Show)

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As Sigrun describes it:

Jeanet Bathoorn is a bestselling author of five books and the creator behind the Freedom Entrepreneur Cruise and Freedom Entrepreneur transatlantic cruises. She has successfully pivoted her career from a focus on social media to a focus on what it means to be a Freedom Entrepreneur. She uses what she has learned to coach and train other entrepreneurs to find freedom in their business by setting up appropriate systems and cultivating awareness of their mindset.

Jeanet and I discuss how she pivoted her business to allow her to be more location independent and how her travels ultimately led to a new idea for her business that would help other entrepreneurs. She shares the five pillars of being a successful online entrepreneur and how those pillars can be used as a business framework. She also shares how the idea came to her to take entrepreneurs with her on a transatlantic cruise and the kind of shifts these entrepreneurs make during these retreats.

“More entrepreneurs need that feeling of total disconnection from their home, total relaxation.” – Jeanet Bathoorn


In This Episode of The Sigrun Show:

  • How Jeanet decided to start an online business and become an entrepreneur
  • Why she became less interested in social media
  • Her five pillars of being a successful online entrepreneur
  • Why she decided to become a Freedom Entrepreneur and what that means
  • The benefits of disconnecting and traveling
  • How the first transatlantic cruise she went on gave her an idea for her business
  • What to expect from her cruises and why they are about much more than business
  • The major shifts entrepreneurs make during and after a cruise
  • Details about the Freedom Entrepreneur Summit cruise
  • Advice for entrepreneurs that want more freedom

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About the Author Jeanet Bathoorn

VrijheidsOndernemer® en bedenker van The Freedom Entrepreneurs Cruise. Heeft 1 paar sneakers en een IJslands paard. De No Nonsense Business Mentor, ik begeleid je graag in de groei van je bedrijf. Op weg om Digital Nomad te worden. Een echte generatie X.

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