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If you are like most entrepreneurs, you are looking for FREEDOM

I can help you with that ...

Online Training:

How to build a Freedom Business

What you will discover on this live training

  • 1
    STRATEGY 1: How to build a thriving business by not giving a f*ck about other peoples' opinion. I will teach you how to.  
  • 2
    STRATEGY 2: How to immediately choose freedom in your business. And it's not as hard as you might think.  
  • 3
    STRATEGY 3: How to scale up by looking from a different angle, and ending up with doing only the things you love

Training date

19 February 2020


12:00 hours PM CET /

 Amsterdam (noon)

Duration: 60-90 minutes

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Are you still looking for freedom? Don't miss this chance to become a Freedom Entrepreneur in less time than it took for you to learn to ride a bike. Anyone who has listened to this impactful training has made a shift in their mind and invited freedom into their business.  


Jeanet Bathoorn


Jeanet Bathoorn

▶︎ Multiple six-figure business coach, since 2010

▶︎ Bestselling Author of six books

▶︎ Freedom Entrepreneur   

▶︎ Creator & Founder of the annual Freedom Entrepreneur Cruise 

▶︎ Mastermind Expert 

▶︎ Certified NLP Master Practitioner Coach
▶︎ Certified Sacred Money Archetype™ Coach
▶︎ Dutch, speaks 5 languages
▶︎ No nonsense and grounded energy

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